about idressmodest…


First, idressmodest donates 5% of its profits to FSR, the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research. 

Second, idressmodest has a blog on WordPress at idressmodest fashion blog.

Idressmodest store is about inner confidence. It’s about women preserving their dignity and getting noticed without feeling like they have to “bare it all.” We feel that women’s voices can be heard better and respected more if we hold ourselves to a higher standard. By dressing modestly, we will attract the right people who value us for who we are rather than for what our bodies look like. And we’re here to prove that dressing modestly can be just as fun!

Please enjoy these photos. These are some examples of the products sold at idressmodest/idresshome. Like us if you can here on WP, on FB ☺️ and on IG. You can find more great pics @idressmodest on IG.

Our store is at https://idressmodest.com.img_3421-1