mouth watering iced coffee…

I am enjoying a beautiful perfect morning with a perfect iced coffee and wanted to share my recipe.

Step 1: Fill your giant tumbler with ice-this one keeps the ice solid for the entire day even in a hot car!

my favorite tumbler

Step 2: Froth your milk-This Breville frother is amazing. I’ve had mine for years and it makes perfect froth every time! Note only skim milk achieves the result that I love.

my milk frother

Step 3: Make two espresso pods-I love Pressogno! The best quality pods I’ve ever tasted and half the price of Nespresso! I have an Amazon subscription to these…

my nespresso machine

Step 4: Pour the frothed milk over the ice

Step5: Add the creamer to taste-a little goes a long way!

my favorite creamer

Step 6: Add the espresso and mix with a long mixer or knife

the best espresso pods

Step 7: Cover and enjoy!

Note: I do receive benefit from the links clicked. But I have owned these products long before becoming an Amazon affiliate and I truly believe in everything written here!


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