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I’ve been wanting to write about this for quite a while but can never remember to jot things down. A while ago (a long while ago) before I got sick…and was still driving during rush hour, I came up with a strategy to avoid the stress that bad drivers were inflicting on me daily. I’ve since taught it to my husband and now to my driving children, and I think it can really helps relieve some of the tension that daily rush hour goers experience.

It’s called acronyms. I started inventing acronyms every time someone annoyed me on the road. It goes something like this: suppose someone doesn’t let you into the exit lane despite having your signal on for the last mile and despite the fact that they won’t let you pass either. They kind of just hang back there, too close for you to get in yet too fast for you to pass. Finally either they pass or they let you go and you catch a final glimpse before you part ways. In this case the offender is a 50-some year old woman with glasses and a mean expression. Your acronym could be “that MOB!” (mean old bitty).

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Here’s another example. Someone cuts you off at the last minute, you look over and it’s a male teenager WEARING AIRPODS while driving! I would say he’s a “real DSI!” (dumb stupid idiot). I imagine some of you might have more colorful adjectives than stupid.

But you can apply acronym fun to more pleasant things too. Today was an MBD (marvelously beautiful day). Tomorrow I will be MTA (motivated to accomplish). Or, I am so happy that my son is a KTH (kind thoughtful human). Finally, my husband is a true SHIT (superhero in training).

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These are really fun to create. They can provide hours of humor during rush hour. Moreover, when you get home, you will actually have something interesting to discuss rather than your boring old work stories!

So go ahead and humor yourself! And feel free to share your inventions in the comments below 🙂

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Looking forward to your FBI (fantastic bundle of ideas).


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