how to make a custom table cover…

I have a round kitchen table that is white and four kids and two dogs. I’m always searching for a better way to cover this table to protect it. I’ve tried custom made fitted covers as well as the generic fitted ones that can be bought online, but I’ve never been completely happy. Either I like the pattern but the material bulges too much or the pattern is not my favorite. I started making my own covers out of contact paper and then migrated to shelf liners which worked quite well. The fabric stays put and the patterns are adorable.

My biggest challenge was finding a way to fit the 42″ round table, covering it completely and getting a reasonably professional look. Here’s a fun project that you can do yourself! If you have a square or rectangle, it’s even easier!

The first time I did this, I managed to make a two sided cover by sticking shelf liner backing to backing. Then I could flip the cover for a different look. This time I found a far easier method using a template. I taped some old mailing boxes together, large enough to cover the table. Then got under the table and traced the edge onto the cardboard using a marker. Then I cut the traced circle.

I ended up with a round template that looked like this:

image 2Now to the fun part-cutting the shelf liner! For this project (a round table), it’s important to make sure you cover the largest diameter with the first two cuttings. I chose to leave the middle strip free and cover that last but you can really do it any way that works.

image 3The easiest way to do this is as shown above. Lay the template over the BACK of the liner and trace then cut. Glue (I like tacky glue) the piece onto the top of the template. Repeat for the other side.

image 4Now you can either use leftover scraps from the same roll or a contrasting liner. I just used the leftovers for the sake of frugality and here’s the final result:

ACS_0649Repeat on the other side, let dry overnight, and voila!

image 5Hope you like this…Please leave a comment or suggestion if you have one!


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