i vacuum my refrigerator…

IMG_4982Yes, it’s true. I vacuum my refrigerator. I also vacuum my drawers and my cabinet shelves. And the bases of my toilets. In fact, I love the vacuum cleaner. I have two vacuum cleaners which I use for different tasks. But more about that momentarily.

I let my housekeeper go when I went on disability for Sarcoidosis. I cannot bear to pay people to do things that I can do myself. This is how I found myself into DIY. I started to read “how to” articles and if I could see myself doing the project, I would jump in. This is not something without risk. It’s gotten me into major trouble on one occasion that I can think of, but most of the time I’ve been able to escape a major disaster.

I really didn’t want to pay a plumber to check the dishwasher. It’s always bothered me that plumbers make more per hour than I did as an anesthesiologist after the $200,000 dollar debt I paid for my education and at least a decade of missed earnings, not to mention the stress of trying not to kill people every day. So I found some You Tube videos on how to disassemble a dishwasher and was very proud of myself when I finished and put it back together. I turned it on, left the house and ran my errands.

But when I returned home and excitedly opened the machine to see how the dishes looked, to my horror, the inside was hot and bone dry! Somehow, the water attachment had not been hooked up properly and the machine ran dry. And the computer was destroyed…which meant calling the plumber and finding out in addition to paying him for the service call, that we were better off buying a new dishwasher. Ouch!

But I am proud of myself for learning and undertaking other projects like refinishing my kitchen cabinets, which I had to do twice because I preferred the second look over the first. That was pretty risky, as they were gorgeous wood cabinets, but I wanted to paint them because I didn’t like the heavy dark look. They are beautiful now.

I also didn’t want to get a whole new floor in the kitchen, even though the tile was cheap, chipped and of poor quality. So I discovered that tile floors can be painted. I figured that the worst that could happen would be that we would have to tear up the floor anyway. So I cleaned, sanded, prepped and painted it. Then I polyurethaned it again and again and again (about seven times total). I tried the water based polyurethane but that was not a good idea in the kitchen, so I had to switch to the oil based kind. Which was perfect, except that the glossy finish was horrible. So I switched to the satin finish which is great. I also had a disaster one day when the gallon can spilled all over the floor. This was because I was trying to do the job early in the morning so that it would have the appropriate six hours to dry before everyone came home. In the mornings, my brain fog is so bad and it makes me uncoordinated, so I found myself trying to clean up a horrid mess with a broom and a squeegee that I had to throw away later. And I had to let that dry, resand all the dust out of it and start over again! But it was worth it, as I now love my floor. It is not only beautiful, but it is warmer and I don’t have to worry about regrouting anymore.


I learned how to paint my walls and  trim. How to fix imperfections in the hardwood floor. How to wallpaper. How to wallpaper and paint over the stairs by designing contraptions that would hold me and the ladder safely. Most of these projects were done a couple of years ago when I had more energy, but now I am into other things like online learning and anything that can be done seated.

So back to the vacuum. When I fired the housekeeper, it became clear that I would need tools that would make house cleaning easier for someone sick. So I needed a lightweight vacuum that I could easily carry around the house. I found this Bissel:


and it’s amazing! It has the best cyclonic suction and. at 7.5 pounds, it’s a cinch to carry around, lift up and vacuum…even the inside of my refrigerator! Which begs the question-why would anyone need to vacuum the inside of their refrigerator?? The answer-teenagers! I’ll leave it at that.

For the carpets, I finally gave my trusty Dyson to Goodwill after 15 years of hard work. I did not want to pay that kind of price again, especially seeing that the $47 Bissell was so powerful. So I did some research and found this:


which, for $89, also has amazing cyclonic action and can still be easily carried around at 12.5 pounds! You can also get the pet hair attachment separately:


which is another lifesaver if you have shedding pets.

The other thing I don’t like to pay for is disposable stuff. It robs the consumer. Both of these vacuum cleaners are bagless and I just throw the filters in the washing machine. Voila, a like-new vacuum cleaner every time!

So, yes, I vacuum my refrigerator and lots of other things and the dust situation in my house is better than ever before!


5 thoughts on “i vacuum my refrigerator…

  1. Love your kitchen! I love vacuuming my cabinets and fridge. I believe it’s the only things I do vacuum . My husband does the floors throughout the house to much now on my body with my nerves and back issues . Love the light weight vacuums… never realize they had some that light.

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