a sarcoidosis poem…

This week I saw my rheumatologist and discovered that I have two kinds of arthritis at my reasonably young age-osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis, the latter being from the Sarcoidosis. Thank goodness it’s just two kinds, because she was originally entertaining the possibility that I also had Rheumatoid Arthritis, so (whew) I’m relieved! So the OA has no treatment, but it’s the one that will make my hands look like twisted ugly ropes if I live long enough. It has already misshapen three of my fingers. And the inflammatory arthritis really should not be happening, not when I’m on two monthly drug infusions and another weekly immune suppressant drug.

So the options are to add medicine or change medicine but “we cannot let this continue.” I will likely change one of the infusions to a more powerful drug, as it might help everything rather than only adding a drug to help the arthritis, when other problems are still rearing their ugly heads.

So I left the appointment pondering the rising medical bills and the strange diagnosis that I have, along with the new knowledge that, no, I will not be getting off of the infusions anytime soon, in fact, never, as far as the rheumatologist is concerned. And, yes, she is tops in her field and I trust her implicitly. Especially after waiting two years to get in to see her!

And so here’s what I came up with:


hair thinning

face aging

skin sagging

gums receding


memory vanishing

can’t stop sleeping

joints knobbing

nerves fraying


trouble breathing

heart still beating

gut is slowing

where’s this going?


Therefore, I will soon be going out like this…

person holding round smiling emoji board photo




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