my bathtub…

I recently got a bathtub. Don’t get me wrong. I live in a very nice home with a very nice bathroom, just it only came with a shower. I don’t consider myself to be a spoiled person and I am very accustomed to living with hardship, so given that the house was perfect in every other way when we bought it, I was willing to forgo the tub. We do have a couple of very shallow tubs in the house but they are too shallow for an adult to enjoy.

It’s been six years since we bought the house. I’ve definitely missed the tub. Especially on those days when I was cold to the bone and would have loved to warm up in some hot water. Well, as it happens, our shower started leaking and required a complete demolition to fix the problem. My husband insisted on taking the opportunity to install the bathtub of my dreams, as we already had the construction crew on hand.He was right. Our cost would be much lower in the long run.

So we got the tub. It changed my life. Especially now with chronic illness this tub does so much for me! I never took the time to indulge myself before, but in retrospect I wish I had. I think that life is all about finding balance regardless of the current state of affairs. Perhaps that is how to stay healthy.

Next time you take a bath, try lighting a candle with your favorite fragrance (mine is Baltic Amber by Voluspa-I absolutely adore this!) Dim the lights and just sit for ten minutes focusing on feeling the warmth and scent. Who says you need the spa? Just take the time to smell the candles!


5 thoughts on “my bathtub…

  1. I have a feeling the Mrs and I won’t be enjoying many until our monkeys are all grown up and out of the house lol but I guess with parenting and small children, having little eyes comes with the territory lol wouldn’t trade ir

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