what goes up…

must come down. But not everthing that goes in must come out, as I have dreadfully discovered. When the food that went in a week ago still hasn’t made its way out, there’s a BIG problem My big problem is my BIG belly. It’s hard to breathe and it can be painful. As it gets worse I try to sit up as straight as possible which makes a bit more room in there. The problem has worsened over many years, long before I even knew it was there. I was only partially conscious of the fact that needing to move things along was one of my motivations for running. Like I was only partially conscious of the fact that other bodily functions were also breaking down. Most of the breakdown is because the sarcoid granulomas have invaded my nerves-just the ones that operate the uncontrollable bodily functions. So while my limb movement is mostly unaffected (except for the head-turning-like-an-owl thing), my autonomic nervous system is not so well off. Think of all the bodily functions that you take for granted every day that just work on their own. I’m having a problem with many of those functions. I cannot elaborate much further for fear of being evicted from WordPress, so I’ll try to explain in different terms:

How Sarcoidosis is like Pregnancy

  1. morning nausea and vomiting and no appetite
  2. severe bloating that might lead to stretch marks
  3. more comfortable lying on your side
  4. trouble holding in the air and the water
  5. you go to the hospital with severe cramps but there’s nothing they can do and send you back home
  6. your immune system is compromised
  7. it’s only the beginning..

And, finally…

I have no idea what the caption says but the picture’s worth a thousand words!

Anyway, the bottom line is, regardless of what’s broken, ya gotta laugh! Hope you all enjoyed this!


6 thoughts on “what goes up…

  1. Sorry-hit send accidentally. When I feel well we have a lot of fun. I’m a realist-I don’t expect life to be easy but I want to make the home a happy place for as long as I can. I really don’t worry about my future. I do worry about my kids. I’m sorry for your early loss. That must have really colored your life. But difficulties I think make people more empathetic and the world needs more empathy. All the best to you and thank you for your heartfelt comment.


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