migrating into wakefulness …

img_1121Somewhere on the border between sleep and wakefulness I open my eye and see a very large brown eye staring at me. It can only belong to my sweet black lab who also is migrating in the zone of almost awake. That eye is so deep and full of love, it’s membrane traveling back and forth across it. And then my eye is licked by a wet tongue so quick that I don’t have time to react. And I have to love the whole 90 pounds of its warm black maple syrup-smelling furriness. From the tip of its cold wet nose to the tip of its silly long tail along its pink puffy warm belly. And it smiles at me which I can’t figure out because dogs can’t smile but it positively is smiling with a brightness it it’s eye. If you’ve never owned a dog you will never know this boundless love. This awesome gift of pure good and faithfulness. It’s a relationship that only exists between humans and canines and it is purely magical. It’s so beautiful and pure that I believe it might be a taste of the world to come. Because it brings true happiness with it.


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