it’s a matter of perspective…

IMG_4384When life looms potentially shorter…you discover your favorite things. Focusing on the positive brings joy to a potentially tense time. Here’s a list of some of my favorite things…

*waking up to sweet doggy eyelid licks and kisses

*the maple syrupy smell of my puppy when I bury my face in her fur

*squeezing all that extra skin on the puppy

*puppy perfection-eyelashes, bright hopeful eyes, bubble paws, pink velvet belly, pink velvet ear insides

*that first sip of hot mocha coffee

*bear hug from my 10 year old

*deep conversations between my children

*that perfect melody that connects with your soul

*a truly well written book

*a freshly scrubbed home with Meyer’s Clean Day Basil scent

*that first crisp autumn day and its orange/yellow palette

*open window snooze under down and wool

*a newly painted room

*new sneaker smell


*warm soak in the tub followed by clean sheets and perfectly tucked corners

*that melty body sensation after a workout

*the way the ocean smells salty

*the intoxicating scent of almond extract

*L.L. Bean men’s  sweats

*scentsy aromas lingering in my rooms

*mixing wood grains and felt around the house for the farmhouse feel

Immersing yourself in the moment is a form of meditation. It calms the soul and connects you to your surroundings. Time loses significance. Negativity disappears. Consciousness is bathed in beauty. There is an instagrammer who photographs the inner city-that awful rundown part. The photographs are beautiful. Life is what you make of it.

In the end, it’s all a matter of perspective.





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