there’s a reason for everything


There’s a reason for everything. I truly believe it! This is how I’m feeling this morning (and as my family might agree)-I don’t look much different.  Feeling like this for most of the day takes away a lot of time from my already short 24 hour day. By the time I “wake up” I really need to be multitasking. Luckily, I’m pretty practiced at that.

But the rest of my useless day allows ample time for thinking and planning in my fuzzy head. Here are some of the things I’ve come up with:

  1. Why does everyone subscribe to the American Dream? After all it’s this dream that causes so much stress-long work hours, the need for 2 incomes to pay the mortgage and a lot of extra debt.
  2. Why do people not see that a mortgage is as bad as credit card debt?
  3. If we all just paid cash for everything, would costs drop?

Which is why I’ve been thinking about living off the grid. I have reason to worry because I’m not sure how long I will be able to work. Unless, of course, the medicine starts working…

So I imagine a life where we could sell the house, use the proceeds to pay cash for a patch of land and live in the RV. We would have no mortgage, lower utility costs and no enormous home maintenance worries. We are not a big meat eating family and would be content to raise chickens for eggs and grow our own vegetables. Eventually we might even build one of those tiny energy efficient homes, keep the RV for traveling, and voila!-a great life!

This is my fantasy retirement plan. And if I hadn’t gotten sick, it would’ve taken me another 20 years to have the time to think of this! So there you have it-everything happens for a reason!

Wishing everyone a good week and time to think out of the box!



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